how to invest dollars for beginners

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In the 90s before the monetary crisis, my late grandfather saved some money in US dollars. At that time, 1 dollar is only worth Rp2.000. Post-reformation, the US dollar broke to its highest point at Rp16.650 in June 1998. The falling rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar made the savers dollar that time became rich suddenly, my grandfather was no exception.

Such an event is not something that often happens. If I personally, I would prefer to see rupiah exchange rate strengthen. But, that does not mean foreign exchange investment is not profitable, you know.

Well, since I am again looking for a suitable investment instrument for securing the future, it crossed my mind to dig further about forex investment. Indeed how the heck how to invest foreign exchange for beginners? Here's the trick.

1. Learn the ins and outs of foreign currency

Can be spelled out, foreign exchange investment aka foreign exchange is actually including speculation. Because, not easy to estimate the potential benefits in the future, especially if you still lay. There are so many variables that can affect foreign exchange rates, such as macro-economic conditions and government policies.

Foreign exchange investments also form all sorts. There is a form of savings and deposits, mutual funds, unit-link, to the speculation of buying and selling in the currency market. In addition, there are also various foreign currency alternatives on offer. So, not just US dollars.

Well, rather than the road alone, would be safer if someone took a hand. Hence, before deciding to invest, it would be better if you studied in people who are more adept. That way, you can minimize the risk of this investment.

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4. Determine the purpose first

There are several benefits of foreign exchange investment. Among other things, maintaining purchasing power when the value of the rupiah fell (as in the time of krismon). If I think, this is not much different from gold investment. However, the value of gold is more stable than the currency.

Forex investments are also useful if you plan to go abroad. Can be in order to learn, work, pilgrimage, or just a walk. If you have foreign currency savings, it looks like your visa is also more easily approved. First, understand the difference between the selling rate and the buying rate at the bank. Between the two, do not get mixed up. The selling rate is the selling price from the bank to the customer, while the buying rate is the value that the bank offers to buy foreign currency from you.

Well, considering the currency investment is quite risky, you should invest with idle funds that you have. If you do not have a backup fund, it's better to bear it first. Search for other types of investments. Because if all of a sudden the value goes down you should be ready to lose your money in a decent amount.