how to invest bitcoin for beginners

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Bitcoin investments are growing in popularity as prices skyrocket. Referring to the website, the bitcoin price during this trade on Tuesday (28/11) is as high as-color reaching US $ 9,895 or about 133 million. Nothing can guarantee an increase in price, but it does not complicate the digital at this point.

In the book titled Bitcoin Trading for Z Generation, written by CEO of Bitcoin Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan and Sintha Rosse, there are some ways that have bitcoin, that is by bitcoin mining, buy in bitcoin market, and get paid in bitcoin.

First, mined bitcoin. Mining bitcoin activity is an activity to get bitcoin by running bitcoin miner application on computer device connected to network blockchain to run bitcoin algorithm can be done as bitcoin from system.

However, as the number of bitcoin miners is increasing, competition becomes more competitive. Mining can be done through hardware bitcoin purchased alone or online alias using cloud mining services. (Also read: Site Beritasatu Hacked 'Miner' Bitcoin)

Second, buy on the bitcoin exchange. Currently, there are hundreds of online bitcoin bourses that facilitate bitcoin payments with the US dollar, the euro, and other currencies. In Indonesia, one of the companies providing similar stock is controlled by Bitcoin Indonesia or The membership in the exchange is touted as the largest in Indonesia.

Because bitcoins can be broken up to eight decimals, the purchase of a bitcoin exchange can start with a very small amount. In Bitcoin Indonesia for example, purchases can start from Rp 1,000. (Also read: Most Bitcoin Transactions in Indonesia for Speculation)

However, in Katadata's interview with Oscar some time later, he suggested, if people are interested in buying digital money, to use more money ready to disappear. This is because the fluctuation of digital currency is very high. "Entering investments at high risk (high risk)," he said.

Third, get paid in bitcoin. Along with the growing popularity of bitcoin, there are some sites that provide bitcoin for free as a fee with certain conditions, in mind watching ads, playing games, putting up banners on blogs, and more.

Even for now, there are no rules about digital digital in Indonesia. On the other hand, Bank Indonesia (BI) distributes digital currencies including bitcoin not a valid payment instrument for Payment System (PJSP) to process bitcoin as a means of payment transactions.

On various occasions, BI officials also set up a number of digital money from high price volatility to prone as a money laundering tool. (Also read: Bitcoin Prices Down After China Prohibited, BIcer Warning)

Responding to the BI attitude, call it digital cash as a commodity like gold is not a currency. He also supports related regulations. That way, it can be easier to educate the public. On the other hand, officers can cultivate the secrets of its sale.