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A dollar business or investment business in foreign currency is a profitable venture. Given the dollar is strengthening and the rupiah exchange rate for a moment weakened, this investment business is a business that is very suitable and suitable to dilakoni. In addition to working hard in various fields, investment is also important. Not only investment money and stock alone, this investment is as wide as health and education. Investment can also be applied in the form of goods, many artists who invest in the form of cars, houses, gold, bags and others.

 Tips on Doing Business Dollar Investment and Foreign Currency Profit
How to Exclude Dollar Investment?

Investment dollars no harm, even very profitable. But the investment must first be accompanied by knowledge in order not to misstep and eventually lose money. A small example, you should be able to distinguish between the purchase value and the selling value of a currency. Update about current exchange rate info is also important.

Here are tips and ways of dollar business you should know:

1. Understand the difference between the selling rate and the dollar buying rate

Calculating the exchange rate should be taken from the sight of the bank, not from the side of personal vision. For example if you want to exchange Rupiah currency in Won currency for example, then that must be understood really is about value of selling rate specified by BI. Because the exchange rate will be used by Bank to sell Won currency. The core that you have to remember is, the nilau selling currency is always higher than its purchase value.

2. Learn how to play foreign currency investments

Easy actually, as long as have a thought strategy and always update information about the rise and fall of the Rupiah exchange rate. Let's say you bought a dollar for Rp. 13333, then one day when the value of the dollar jumped to Rp. 14,000 You can sell dollars you have. That way you will get a high profit. Do not even sell the currency when the exchange rate is down or low.

3. Do not keep money too long

The idea is to sell the currency should wait for the dollar exchange rate rises, but saving money business dollars this dollar is not bleh too long. The maximum time to save is for 12 months or a year. Always update the latest information by checking the exchange rate every day so that deposits can be immediately redeemed.

4. Pay attention always to the condition of money

Saving dollars or foreign currency is not uncommon in the form of cash. Dollar money to the Rupiah should be ensured always aga good condition, do not have a wet, folded, torn, yellowing due to too long and many conditions that make other disability money. Money should always be in good shape.

5. Bandingakn exchange rate

Of course, before exchanging money, the nominal exchange rate should be checked first if you want to succeed in the field of foreign investment. There will usually be a difference between one bank and another in the Rupiah exchange rate. The changes are very fast. Immediately redeem your money when it finds a suitable exchange rate.

That is about the exchange rate of foreign currency and dollar business that you can apply well. Do not forget to download KUDO, there is an interesting promo dpat money up to 150K when successfully recruited driver grab car and grab motor.